Here we are at Aunt Astrid's July 2, 2000

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Top Left: Steven Gareau, Eaton, Anna, Dwight, Horace, Christina, Dorian Housman, David J., Nathalie, David D.,
Middle row: Chantal Gingras, Sarah Myrtle(Myrt), Clarissa, Astrid, Cynthia Gareau, Larry Gareau,
Bottom row: Helen, Brian, Chantelle, Julia, Jennifer, Andrea, Linda Gareau

In Remembrance Of...
John, Ray, Jack, Russel and Alan

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Top Left: John Philip Herman(Jack), Raymond Francis Edward(Ray), John Francis(Kem), Brian Winslow, Russel Harry, Alan Arthur
Bottom: David Jewett, and Horace Haines

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