A Great Weekend
June 30 to July 2, 2000

Thank you to all that helped make this happen.

Last of the seven brothers. David J. now in Ottawa, Horace from Victoria BC and Brian from St. Thomas ON.

Astrid (Ray), Myrt (Russ), Helen (Horace), Christina (Russ and Myrt had twins, Georgina couldn't make it.) and Veronica (Brian)

Horace and Helen are the winners of the "I came the farthest" contest. They just flew in from Victoria BC. and boy are their arms tired...

Larry catching forty winks while I take a picture of Helen. Larry married Linda, David J.'s daughter(my sister) in Ottawa in 1967.

Horace giving Myrt a Hug.

My Aunt Astrid with Nathalie, my better half.

Uncle Brian trying to decide whether to go for a swim or maybe have just one more bite of ...
...or is he just trying to remember when the last time was that he had so much fun!

Larry's long lost daughter Lisa (waving), with hubby Dave and Larry, taking a dip with Chantelle (Brian's daughter), Nathalie and Eaton(Brian's son).

Eaton and Larry look on while Jennifer pulls Steven around the pool with his noddle.

I don't know what Uncle Horace just said, but it doesn't seem to be going down well with Dad.

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