Reunion 2000
Part IV

Dwight and Clarissa(Dwight's oldest girl) enjoy a little jello, at the Sunday brunch.

After the brunch we all rendez-vous-ed back at Aunt Astrid's. Ray and Astrid bought this house when I was still brand new. It has been the only Kempster thing I remember that has stayed in one place for that long.
Miss you Uncle Ray.

The dining room table at Aunt Astrid's.

Finaly I get a pic of my niece Cythia(sorry Cyn). Chantelle and my sister Linda are having a chat. Steven is down. These young'uns just can't keep up.

Is that a hole in my head? Anna tells David J. a story. Clarissa and Dwight supervise. I haven't seen Dwight since I was 15.

Anna pretends not to hear Horace tell Brian "I was only kidding when I said you were adopted".

Dad thinks this is hilarious.

Andrea gets to grow a mustache.

Believe it or not, it is Clarissa and David J.'s Birthday today. Here they are cutting their birthday cake. (and it was yummy)

On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank Linda for the effort she put in to make this event possible.

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